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How We Choose Bookkeeping Software (and Related Tools)

Updated: 4 days ago

We exclusively showcase and endorse software utilized in our routine bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll tasks. Let me clarify, Bluemount neither receives nor seeks compensation from software developers for featuring their products in our blog posts. Our selection is based on firsthand experience, as we have found these tools to effectively fulfill our requirements and standards.


We've extensively experimented with numerous bookkeeping and accounting software options to ensure we utilize the most effective tools while serving our clients. Our team brings a wealth of experience, having employed various technology platforms even prior to their tenure at Bluemount. Our firsthand experience in using these packages to deliver bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services to our clients enables us to gauge their performance in real-world scenarios.


We prioritize software that is dependable, precise, straightforward to install, and user-friendly, offering features that streamline or enhance the bookkeeping process. Additionally, we anticipate these packages to be competitively priced compared to similar offerings in the market. In essence, we exclusively showcase bookkeeping software that aligns with our usage and meets our standards as we conduct our day-to-day tasks.


Below are the key attributes we seek in accounting or bookkeeping software:

  • Its results must adhere to CRA regulations

  • Dependability (minimal program crashes or glitchy behavior)

  • Simple installation

  • It should seamlessly integrate with other software

  • Boasts an intuitive user interface

  • Provides comprehensive help documentation

  • Offers valuable customer support


When assessing a new software offering, we outline essential features necessary for our bookkeeping tasks. We review third-party evaluations of the product alongside those of similar competing products. Subsequently, we compile a list of indispensable features crucial for executing the bookkeeping duties the software is designed to handle.


We perform a fresh installation of the software, meticulously documenting any challenges or ambiguities encountered throughout the entire installation procedure. Subsequently, we input bookkeeping data into the software, allowing it to process the information, and meticulously examine the resulting output. We assess the organization and accessibility of the output, ensuring it meets our standards. Additionally, we verify the accuracy and compliance of the software output with CRA regulations and guidelines. Furthermore, we evaluate the software's compatibility with other software packages and its capacity to handle and process data efficiently. Finally, we scrutinize whether the software's primary features function as advertised.


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