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Accounting Services for Professionals
Accounting Services for Professionals

Financial Admin and Accounting
Services for Professionals

Continue providing outstanding services. Let us handle the books.

It takes a lot to keep your clients satisfied and loyal. Bluemount can help with your bookkeeping.

Customized bookkeeping and financial admin services
for your business

Different services use different models to bill their clients. No matter what it is, collecting fees accurately and on time ensures healthy cash flow and profitability. With Bluemount’s proven processes, we can help you keep track of invoicing and collecting so you can spend more time offering value to your clients.

  • Accurate and up-to-date financials

At Bluemount, we merge our skills and proven solutions to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Up to date financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, etc.) can provide you with good cash flow management and a view of your business performance that will influence the accuracy of your business forecasts and strategic decisions.
  • Billable hours and project expense

Service is what you sell and you need the most capable people to maximize your revenue.  From keeping track of the time spent with which client and for what project to project billing and budgeting, you need a solid back office to keep your finances in check. Let Bluemount handle all your back office and financial admin needs while you offer the best services to your clients.
  • Billing and collections

As you concentrate on improving and growing your business, attention to billing and collections may take a hit. At Bluemount, our proven accounts receivable procedures will ensure timely billing and follow-up of your collections to help maintain a healthy cash flow and keep your business running smoothly as you scale. 
  • Accounting experts and robust solutions

Performing back office functions may mean hiring multiple junior staff to manage bookkeeping, payroll, and accounts receivable and payable tasks, investing in costly software, and managing it all together, which can take a big chunk out of your profits. Let Bluemount Backoffice handle your books and lower your financial admin costs so you can concentrate on providing the best and most professional service out there.

We Offer Accounting Services to Professional Services of All Types:



Having strong accounting processes in your business allows you to continuously conceptualize, design and deliver the most compelling spaces to your clients. Let us handle your back office functions using our proven systems so you can continue to collaborate with your team and win clients.


Project Management

Planning, coordinating, and executing your projects is stressful enough. While you are busy making sure each phase meets their deadlines, we can provide you with financial clarity so you know you are on track with your budget.


Law Firms

Providing solid legal advice to clients is crucial to the success of your practice. Performing due diligence and litigation preparation can involve different levels of hierarchies and take a substantial amount of time. Keeping track of budgeting and whose time was spent with which client requires a solid back-office function. Let Bluemount take care of it for you.

Solutions that maximize business productivity for professional service providers

Whatever your service business requires, we are experts in utilizing both cloud-based and traditional solutions for bookkeeping, payroll processing, expenses and collections management, and many more.

Just like any industry, Service companies have sector specific requirements and solutions to keep it running smoothly. We offer solutions and technology that you are most comfortable with.


Are you ready to shift your bookkeeping and accounting functions so you can optimize your

resources and operate more efficiently?


We have the answers to your questions. Reach out to us to find out how Bluemount can

support you with your accounting and back-office functions.

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