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COVID-19 Safety Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world operates, including the business world. With the new normal, certain conditions have to be put in place to keep our staff and clients safer. For the resumption of work activities, we already have a series of strategies to monitor, prevent and control COVID-19 at work.


  • Identify high-traffic areas and surfaces that are touched with high frequency for scheduled sanitizing.

  • Proper ventilation and making sure hand-washing and sanitizing materials are available.

Modification of the workspace to promote social distancing through:

  • Organizing dividers as a protective barrier.

  • Using visual markings to encourage social distancing.

  • Offer remote working arrangements for staff.


  • Monitor provincial and local public health communications about COVID-19.

  • Encourage sick workers to report their symptoms, stay home, and follow relevant health guidelines.

  • Evaluation of body temperature before employees enter the establishment.

  • Reminder to employees about the support services available to them.

  • Communicate our policies and practices to partners, suppliers, and contractors.

  • Adhere to social distancing and masking guidelines among employees and clients.

  • Using technology to encourage social distancing and virtual communication (such as phone calls, Teams, and Zoom).

  • Encourage flexible sick leave and alternative work schedules.

  • Schedule replenishment tasks outside of peak hours.


  • Implement a cleaning and disinfection plan.

  • Clean high traffic surfaces and objects regularly.


  • Policies to reduce the spread of COVID-19

  • General hygiene

  • Guidelines to follow if employees are sick

  • Cleaning and disinfection

  • Masks

  • Social distancing

  • Safe work practices

  • Stress management


We will continue to follow all guidelines issued by the BC Provincial Health Authority and WorkSafeBC.

EMPLOYERS – Responsible for ensuring that the relevant health and safety protocols are initiated and followed in the workplace by completing and posting the COVID-19 Safety Plan. Responsible for training and educating everyone at the workplace regarding the contents of the COVID-19 Safety Plan. Employers must ensure that COVID-19 hazards are monitored and controlled. 

EMPLOYEES – They have a responsibility to ensure they are following and observing protocols to protect their health and of others. In addition, they are responsible for observing proper hygiene, frequent handwashing, social distancing, and staying home when sick or feeling any symptoms of COVID-19. Workers must report unsafe working conditions to the employer for immediate attention.

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