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Accounts Receivable Management Services

Accounts Receivable Management Services

Accounts Receivable Management Services

Keep the cash coming by
improving your payment

Efficient accounts receivable management can help deter and prevent bad debts, resulting in improved cash flow and a financially healthier business. Bluemount can help

Accounts Receivable Services include the following:

  • Professional accounts receivable staff

  • Invoice generation and issuance

  • Up-to-date accounts receivable  listings and reports

  • Payment collection

  • Payment follow up

  • Vendor  reconciliations

Don't let your accounts receivable turn into bad debt

Writing off uncollectible receivables adversely affects your company’s cash flow and financial health. The longer your accounts receivable remains outstanding, the lower the chances of it being collected. Allowing this to happen over time can be detrimental to your business. Bluemount is ready to offer an effective accounts receivable management and process that gives your company a healthier cash flow.

Monitoring and follow-up

We do not just simply follow up customers for payment because almost anyone knows how to do that. Our team and processes, coupled with best practices in keeping track of receivables, allow us to strategically collect your outstanding collectibles more effectively.

Time management

From invoice and receipt issuance to following up customer payments, to monitoring payment status, to updating and reconciling AR and various reports, they all consume a lot of company resources. Allocate your limited resources to areas that can give you more value. Trust Bluemount to handle your accounts receivable.

Improve AR turnover

Having a high accounts receivable turnover ratio can be really good for business. Not only does it mean you have more bankable cash but can help you become a stronger candidate for bank loans that can help grow your business. Contact Bluemount for help.

  • 1. What tax forms are covered?
    We compute and furnish T4 and Record of Employment (ROE) as part of our package. Please let us know during the inquiry process if you will be needing additional tax slips, including T4A.
  • 2. Can Bluemount work with the current payroll system?
    Our main goal is to ensure you are utilizing a payroll system that works best for your business. We can either work with your existing system or recommend a system that can better accommodate your business needs. We have several preferred payroll system providers, including Tsheets, ADP, Payworks, and Wagepoint. We also support a variety of other systems.
  • 3. Does Bluemount do US payroll?
    Yes, we can pay US-based employees working for Canadian companies.
  • 4. Can Bluemount process payroll for employees even when they are in different provinces?
    Yes, we can process the payrolls of your employees whether they are in one location or all over Canada. Their payment calculation and tax deductions will be calculated in accordance with their provincial/territorial regulations.
  • 5. How much does payroll services cost?
    Depending on several factors like number of employees, union or non-union, location, benefits, and frequency of calculation and payment. Please visit our pricing page or contact us for a custom price.

Are you ready to shift your bookkeeping and accounting functions so you can optimize your

resources and operate more efficiently?


We have the answers to your questions. Reach out to us to find out how Bluemount can

support you with your accounting and back-office functions.

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