The Bluemount Approach

Bluemount Backoffice Solutions is synonymous for everything that has to do with technology-driven and automated accounting systems and bookkeeping solutions for organizations. We are committed to creating a long and lasting balance of accounts efficiently for the clients we serve via the integration of traditional and automated solutions at a reasonable price.

Why Bluemount?

  • Use of professional accounting and billing software

  • Help with tax regulation compliance

  • Reduce administration costs

  • Assist in ensuring continuity during staff changes


You can trust us to be your accounting partner

Finding an accounting partner and bookkeeper you can trust for your business can be a daunting task. At Bluemount, we make all of our processes transparent so there are no surprises.


We utilize a simple and easy-to-understand accounting solution whether you go for a cloud-based setup or the traditional route to organize your business processes. Hence, you do not need to stress on training, implementation, integration, and updates.

Experts and professionals for you

Bluemount possesses all the professionals you need for business. We have them to meet your business needs, from bookkeepers to accounts payable clerks to tax document experts.

Data security and privacy

We know how important your data is. Hence, we take care of it through data encryption, backup, and secure storage.

Onboarding with us

Bluemount is your accounting and financial admin solutions provider. We are looking forward to working with you towards providing a holistic solution for your challenges. The process is quite easy.

We partner with the best solutions provider


Learning about your business

We begin with an exploration call to understand your business demands by asking the right questions. We then come up with a tailor-made solution,  proposal, and a price quotation so we can discuss it with you.

A tailor-made solution

Our solution is not one-size-fits-all. Based on your scenario, we will suggest an efficient workflow paired with an appropriate solutions stack that will work for your business.


During onboarding, we will introduce you to your solutions stack, implement it,and train your team. We will perform catch-up bookkeeping to allow you to start fresh and error-free. In the next few weeks, we will train your team in becoming proficient with the new solutions stack and polish some rough patches.

Let the business begin

After you go live, we will start overseeing your accounting and financial admin tasks. A dedicated specialist will then be available to offer constant support for your operations.

Reach Out to Us

The very first step to starting your journey into an efficient accounting system potential is to contact us today! Join a community of people who will receive advice to grow their business.

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